Disposable web soapy sponges

Cleanet Soapy Sponges

Disposable soapy sponges of 100% polyester fibre, better known as non-woven web soapy sponges, are currently the soapy sponges that are most used in hospitals and residential centres with a large number of beds.

Their reduced cost facilitates continuous supply for purchasing centres and great rotation of all hygiene processes in the case of bedridden patients. CLEANET® is our brand of non-woven soapy sponges.

Discover which CLEANET® sponge type best adapts to your needs from among a wide catalogue of measurements and grammages.


Cleanet 12x20

CLEANET® 12x20

REF: 01EN122090-11

Disposable web Soapy Sponge 12x20cm. 90gr.

This disposable sponge is our standard within the wide range of disposable sponges that LAYERTEX manufactures.
So it is a sponge for mass, common use in hospitals, where it is used daily due to its efficiency, safety and reduced cost. 

24 u./bag
75 bags/box
1800 u./box

Cleanet Plus


REF: 87ENTAS1220-07

Disposable web Soapy Sponge 12x20cm. 150 gr.

With dermatological gel impregnation on both faces, the amount of soap this sponge produces is phenomenal. CLEANET PLUS® sponge incorporates Aloe Vera and Camomile.
CLEANET PLUS® is our latest development in non-woven web sponges and the one that offers the greatest versatility of use. 

10 u./bag
100 bags/box
1000 u./box

Cleanet 20x20

CLEANET® 20x20

REF: 01EN0202090-31

Disposable web Soapy Sponge 20x20cm. 100gr.

A non-woven web soapy sponge with a broad washing surface. This non-woven sponge is a favourite in elderly care homes or centres with senior citizens because generally a fuller hygiene than with conventional patients is required.

12 u./bag
75 bags/box
900 u./box

Cleanet 12x10

CLEANET® 12x10

REF: 03EN1210300-07

Extremely Soft web Soapy Sponge 12x10 cm 300gr.

An ultra-soft, non-woven web sponge for cleaning skin and sensitive areas of the body.
This non-woven web, especially developed after long research in the laboratory, constitutes a great innovation in bodily hygiene using this type of disposable products. Designed with a relatively small surface area, CLEANET® 12x10 cm, non-woven web sponges help nursing professionals to ensure bodily hygiene on particularly sensitive skins.

24 u./bag
75 bags/box
1800 u./box

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